Debt Collection

While RCS specializes in healthcare debt collection, we bring the same touch to all industries.
RCS has specialized in debt collection for hospitals, medical practices, and doctor groups for over 35 years.
RCS collects for banks, credit unions, retailers, and generally any organization that offers credit to consumers.
RCS can handle your B2B commercial needs as well, from construction to suppliers, we've got you covered.
Alternative Strategies
RCS can provide a full range of probate, litigation, and asset recovery services.
Debt Purchasing
For those closing their practice or looking to get bad debt off their balance sheet.

Collections Placement Flow

Placement Flow

  • RCS can integrate the transfer of accounts seamlessly. Files are accepted/transmitted via secure system-to-system connections (FTP to an IP address) as well as FTP to VPN. We are also prepared to receive secure zip files or e-mail files that can be transferred into our system quickly. Having an on-site IT person allows us to have flexibility with our clients.

  • The client can also electronically upload accounts to our client portal. This can be done by using the client billing software, our placement template, or uploading PDFs.

  • Data cleansing is performed by updating the missing phone numbers, addresses, and Social Security Numbers (when applicable) upon placement. RCS systems are automated allowing it to trace any number of missing criteria. Information is transferred electronically across secure gateways allowing it to gather this information in less than twenty-four (24) hours.

  • Accounts are then sent through a ranking and scoring process to help prioritize the approach that will be taken with each account.

  • Letters are generated within forty-eight (48) hours for accounts placed. Letters sent will have envelopes included. ACS (post-mailing) and NCOA (pre-mailing) services will correct any address changes found during the processing of the letters given. Returned mail will go through a tracing process looking for updated addresses and will be queued to be resent to the debtor. 
  • RCS dialing systems will begin calling debtors within thirty (30) days after placement (this is a requirement of the FDCPA). RCS runs morning, afternoon, and evening campaigns rotating time of day and type of approach, across accounts placed, Monday through Friday (and some Saturdays). Telephone attempts will continue unless the debtor makes a “no-contact” demand, disputes the account in writing, or satisfies the bill in full.
  • Once debtors pay RCS, The client is paid the following month minus our contingency fees.

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