Early-Out/Self-Pay Pre-Collections

A unique outsourcing program designed to collect slow-paying accounts without formally turning them over to a collection agency.

Third-Party Outsourcing For Your Early-Out and Self-Pay Accounts

Pre-Collect and Early-Out/Self-Pay Services Dramatically Reduce your Days in Receivable and Limits Your Exposure to Higher Backend Collection Rates and Legal Jeopardy

Patients have become responsible for larger portions of their health care bills, due to high-deductible and high co-pay plans. Whether it's co-pays or deductibles, it is increasingly important to utilize a collection program that provides a high level of customer service and support to your patients.  

Many health care organizations have become overwhelmed by these self-pay patient accounts due to limited resources and space available to them, so RCS becomes your first line of defense and an extension of your patient support system.  This service provides a patient-centered extension of your organization that increases the recovery rate on self-pay accounts at a fraction of the cost to your organization.  Our goal is to improve your upfront A/R upfront while reducing your backend exposure to a variety of jeopardies.  This will save your organization money while allowing it to re-purpose its manpower back to core competencies.

RCS Early-Out Self-Pay Services Include:

  • SECURE & EASY FILE PLACEMENT | Secure and easy placements with confirmations and full client services support.
  • HIGH VOLUME CALL TEAM| A dedicated team of representatives places out-going calls to patients while remaining available to receive all incoming calls promptly.
  • A/R MANAGEMENT | Facilitation and administration of client-approved payment plans.
  • LETTER SERVICE | Printing, mailing, and monitoring of letters for every patient.
  • PAYMENT PROCESSING | Check and credit card payment processing through a  secure online payment portal.
  • AUTOMATIC TRANSITION OF DEBT | Unresolved Self-Pay accounts are easily transitioned to our full collections service per the discretion of the client.
  • INSURANCE DISCOVERY | When insurance information is uncovered the patient account is referred back to the client for processing

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