Litigation & Alternative Remedies

When traditional efforts to collect a debt are completely exhausted, RCS can provide litigation and asset recovery.

Litigation, Asset Recovery, Probate, and Skip Tracing

RCS is a one-stop-shop for all of your collection needs. When our traditional and advanced efforts to collect a debt are completely exhausted we have partnerships with local and regional law firms, as well as unique tools that allow us to take the next step for our clients, which is to provide alternative strategies and legal litigation.

    • Probate Services – If a debtor passes away, RCS has the capability to see if an estate has been filed with the court system. If it has, RCS can file against the estate to recoup potential monies owed. Costs would be passed through based on filing requirements of the court and charges incurred through application software used. Timing of collections on these accounts typically go past a seven (7) month window due to requirements of estates giving creditors time to file. Charges are only incurred if an estate is identified, otherwise, there is no charge.

    • Litigation Services – RCSs offer litigation services at the client's discretion. However, taking this step only occurs after RCS performs a thorough asset search and after all other avenues of the collection, procedures have been exhausted by our experienced collection team. If assets are found, RCS then works with its legal partners to move forward with the legal process. RCS principle of “Investigate-Locate-Negotiate-Liquidate” has proven, time and again, to reduce the need for litigation time, saving our clients time and aggravation. Litigation remains a final option for the client and RCS will continue to service the account through its legal partners and channels. RCS will upfront all legal fees.

    • Skip Tracing – Recovering outstanding debt often means getting to the right party quickly, ideally before other collectors make contact. But first, we need accurate debtor information. RCS has the tools in place to find the addresses and possibly phone numbers of individuals that go off the radar. If our initial letter comes back as undeliverable then the skip tracing process begins. This may result in additional fees.

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